How to match the overall home decoration color?

It has been more than 110 years since the world's first soft bed was born in Italy. Over the past 100 years, the soft bed has become popular all over the world with its soft and comfortable sleep, colorful fabrics and romantic and warm feelings. At present, there are four types of soft beds on the market: leather beds, fabric beds, leather-cloth beds, and health beds. Faced with different types of soft beds and different brands, how to choose a soft bed that suits you? Furuisi Furniture tells you: 1. Choose your favorite soft bed style: At present, there are four types of soft beds on the market: leather beds, fabric beds, leather-cloth beds, and health care beds. Leather bed: The head of the leather bed is made of leather, and the bed frame of some high-end leather beds is also made of leather. The first thing that catches the eye of the whole leather bed is the headboard, and a good headboard can show the noble temperament. The main hues are white, red, purple, brown, gray-black and so on. Fabric bed: colorful, warm and comfortable. Cotton and linen fabrics are usually used as surface materials for fabric beds. Cotton and linen fabrics are wear-resistant, breathable, and have rich colors, which can establish different personalities. Leather and cloth bed: The bold and avant-garde design combines leather and cloth, which not only has a warm and comfortable fabric texture, but also has the wild beauty of leather. The combination of the two shows a noble temperament and caters to consumers of different personalities. Organically combine fabric and leather art to decorate the headboard and bed surface, making it more fashionable. Health care bed: a new type of bed in recent years, with certain health care functions.       There are also many brands of health care beds and health care mattresses. Although they do not buy fake and inferior products like health care medicines, which cause great harm to the human body, the prices of general health care beds are not low, so don’t spend a lot of money. , I bought an ordinary bed without any health benefits.​​ Second, according to their own decoration to choose the style: There are two types of soft beds: American soft beds and European soft beds. The American-style soft bed is relatively tall and stylish, the mattress is very thick, and the comfort is very strong. There must be enough space for the American soft bed. The disadvantage of American-style beds is that most of the bed frames are on the ground, which hinders the convection of air. Especially in coastal areas, because of the long rainy season and the influence of ocean humidity, it is not dry under the bed. If there is a problem with the quality of the product, it will also cause insects and mold, which is not good for health.       The European-style soft bed is short overall and has a wide range of suitability. The bed frame of the European-style soft bed is generally seven or eight centimeters above the ground, and there are only strip-shaped bed supports in the bed frame, so the ventilation is very good. Recently, the very popular simple life style in China has also evolved from the European-style soft bed style. Casual, casual, soft and simple life is the choice of young people and successful people in modern society.​​ 3. Don't buy mattresses that are too thick The sweat evaporated during sleep is absorbed by the mattress and quilt. After the rainy day, we will take the quilt to the sun to dry it. In fact, the mattress also needs to be dried once or twice a year. Thick mattresses are inconvenient to use. And a mattress that is too thick means that its structure is more complicated, and it is less conducive to ventilation and health than a slightly thinner mattress.​​ Fourth, pay attention to hardware There are many soft beds on the market. When you look at them in the store, you can't find any faults, but after using them for a while at home, you want to put them away to clean them up, and you find that the screws can no longer be used. 40% of the soft bed hardware on the market is unqualified, the thickness is very thin, it will be deformed after a period of use, and the bed will be wobbly. More than 90% of the screws can only be disassembled two or three times at most, and the screw heads cannot be used. Therefore, when choosing a soft bed, you must pay attention to the details. The "Dream Sweet" soft bed has strict requirements from ribs to assembly screws, and its durability and durability are generally between 6-10 years.​​ Five, look at the fabric Whether it is fabric or leather, it is better to be natural. Many people know about this, so I won't introduce it in particular. The main thing to note is that light colors and solid colors are better. Don't choose too flowery fabrics, too flowery will affect your concentration, but it will look good but will improve the quality of sleep.​​ Six, health care soft bed should be careful The hea

Use a minimalist home to achieve the beauty of life

            意式极简风格追求的是高品质生活,要让居住者没有任何的束缚,打造出一个让身心完全放松的家居环境。   简单是一种智慧,是一种经历复杂之后的更上层楼的彻悟。高速的生活节奏以及紧张的工作压力,令现代人更向往简单、宁静的生活,这也造就了福睿思极简主义风格的家居盛行于当代。               追求极简、舒适、自然、人文的生活空间, 是现代意式极简空间的设计语言, 如今这种风格走在了家居时尚的最前沿, 我们对理性失去兴趣, 变得感性,甚至只剩感性。 一直以来, 这些思想与情感之流相互触碰并交融。                   米兰家居将艺术与功能结合紧密 保持简约特点,简单中不乏时尚与高贵 意式极简,其实是更高级形式的复杂; 而越是高级的东西,越是简单。                 米兰家居意式极简 摒弃传统家具中繁琐的雕花和装饰 精致的线条 优雅大方的配色 没有丝毫的张扬 更没有浮夸 让空间看起来简单明亮           极简的布局中,蕴藏艺术之风骨 线条少而精,衬出整体结构的利落 纵横之间,流动着舒展灵动的美感 寥寥数笔,营造了开合有度的氛围                 家是生活的载体 应该归于生活本真的所在 亦是最真我的表达 而极简居家生活也成了许多人的梦想 在意式极简中保留生活的温度 抛弃一切冗余的元素 发现生活里的简单美好   ·    ·       米兰家居一一用极简家居,成就生活美             THE END      

Sophistication, never bluffing

There is always a color that makes another color sparkle They are like lovers making each other whole ——Milan Home THERE'S ALWAYS COLOR THAT MAKES ANOTHER COLOR SHINE, LIKE A COUPLE OF LOVERS THAT MAKE EACH OTHER WHOLE We're making a fuss about "the dignitaries" Once you encounter "really expensive", you will be at a loss Because of the true sense of luxury, never bluffing Extreme Grey Noble and elegant, a symbol of eternity Extreme grey represents firmness and reliability symbolizing eternity Milan home extreme gray is the most independent thinking color. Milan Home Furnishings never uses a certain symbol to advertise "I'm expensive". She is like a wealthy and elegant contemporary woman, who is assertive, understands taste, and hopes to look low-key and self-disciplined. In the aesthetic system of Milan home furnishing, the sense of luxury is always naturally revealed in people's style. This gray, elegant, reserved, rational and restrained, contains a unique appeal, elegant and calm, minimalist and high-end, calm and noble. In space application, TA has outstanding attributes and style, and has a high-level sense from the inside out. Grey and light Brewing wonderful The wonderful brewing of gray and light The most distinctive part of gray is the high-level sense of TA, and simplicity is elegance. In the gray-white skin, a touch of warm and beautiful orange is encountered, showing a restrained yet inclusive beauty. Condensed tones and comfortable textures combine agility and purity into one, highlighting high-end texture, exuding agile art everywhere, giving people a high-grade, elegant and extreme feeling, and at the same time bringing the beauty of calm restraint. Milan Home Furnishing Extreme Gray is not a single gray, but a very flexible color. TA is a low-saturated variety of colors that pursue harmonious aesthetic standards. The composure of gray and light brings out an elegant and charming atmosphere, and the simple and powerful lines travel between the blocks of different materials, which are the medium and also a vibrant embellishment. The exquisiteness of space layout, the carving of details, and the deliberation of every step are the pursuit of perfection. Art works are placed on the wall, and modern three-dimensional paintings of special materials are used to add visual effects and at the same time play the function of sound absorption and noise reduction for the space. The metaphor of unique aesthetics and bearing, as time travels, time flies, exudes a timeless charm. Highlight Quality of life details Details that highlight the quality of life Discreet geometric lines create uncluttered spaces where every element has been carefully considered – architecture, light, flooring, materials used, furniture, in a blend of low-saturated greys, perfectly combined. Even if you live alone, you will not miss any detail that highlights the quality of life. Milan Home is committed to providing residents with a warm and elegant unique home, providing unique taste and providing customers with unique value. The furniture and artworks in the space not only have the unique aesthetic preference of the elite, but also have the fusion and recognition degree that matches their identity. Milan Home Furnishing Extreme Gray, a timeless elegance, a community of noble elegance and restrained sexy, a classic legend that is not influenced by time. Extreme gray is not a single gray, but a very elastic color. TA is a low-saturated variety of colors, pursuing harmonious aesthetic standards. The composure of gray and light brings out an elegant and charming atmosphere, and the simple and powerful lines travel between the blocks of different materials, which are the medium and also a vibrant embellishment. The ultimate and advanced with similar temperament Always attract each other —— Milan Home THE END

Case Sharing丨The Vitality Endowed by Space

Case produced 一 Modern quality life, the pursuit is no longer material piling up, but the spiritual level of satisfaction. FRIS CASE Well Understood Taking comfortable and meticulous humanistic care as the main axis Through the design method of "extreme" and "simple" Describe the beauty of pure simplicity #01 BREATH #02 MINIMALISN The one-piece open kitchen realizes the natural transition from the dining room to the living room. The light-colored tile floor is used as the keynote to reduce complexity, release fatigue, and lead thoughts to slowly settle. In addition to reorganizing the layout, rationalizing the space flow and giving relatively complete life functions, the designer also uses "gray" as the color tone to outline a comfortable and quiet atmosphere. #03 COMFORTABLE A busy day, full of emotions. The environment is an important factor affecting the mood. When people return home after a tired day, only the right space can make the owner's mood "counterpoint". A good night's sleep is a pillar of state throughout the day. With the blending of nature, art and life aesthetics, our designers interpret all things, lightness and interest. To seek simplicity, the original intention of design is to make people's lives better. Our designers abandon product display in the conventional sense. FRIS CASE uses high-end color systems to show the protagonist's low-key, elegant, reserved, and rational. At first glance, or at first glance, the space is more transparent and comfortable in silence. Through artistic expression, we remove the rubbish and preserve the essence, turn the dots into lights, highlight the order with lines, stretch the spatial dimension vertically and horizontally, and penetrate into the intersection of the space. There is no need to emphasize the structure, and everything you see is rhythm. THE END

Is it good to buy solid wood furniture? The advantages and disadvantages of solid wood furniture?

There are many kinds of furniture materials. Among them, solid wood furniture has become the object favored by urbanites because of its environmental protection, naturalness and fashion. So is solid wood furniture good? What are his characteristics? What are the disadvantages? Next, the editor of Katu will lead you to understand it together. What is solid wood furniture Solid wood furniture refers to pure solid wood furniture, which means that all materials are natural materials that have not been processed again, and do not use any wood-based panels. Solid wood furniture includes pure solid wood furniture and imitation solid wood furniture. Pure solid wood furniture means that all the materials used in the furniture are solid wood, including the desktop, wardrobe door panels, side panels, etc. are all made of pure solid wood, and do not use any other forms of artificial panels. solid wood furniture 1. Natural, environmentally friendly and healthy solid wood furniture reveals the beauty of nature and originality. The reason why solid wood furniture is prosperous can be analyzed from the following three aspects: First of all, from the color analysis, lies in its natural wood color. Log-colored furniture is both natural and free of chemical pollution, which is definitely the best choice for modern healthy life, and meets the psychological needs of modern urbanites advocating nature. Secondly, in terms of material selection, taking domestic solid wood furniture as an example, the main types are: mahogany, walnut, beech, teak, maple, oak, oak, ash, begonia, elm, poplar , pine, red toon, etc., of which walnut, ash, red toon, beech, and oak are the most valuable. These materials come from nature and reflect the harmonious relationship between people and the environment. Designers love to use these materials. Adding people-oriented and nature-oriented modern design concepts can bring people and materials, people and nature closer to each other. Distance gives a sense of intimacy. Finally, environmentally friendly solid wood furniture is the protagonist of the market. In the process of manufacturing solid wood furniture, compared with those of wood-based panel furniture, the amount of glue used is quite small. The amount of glue used affects the environmental protection of furniture. 2. Long service life. The service life of panel furniture is generally 3-5 years. The service life of solid wood furniture is more than 5 times that of panel furniture. 3. Solid wood furniture has the function of preserving value. At the same time, it can bring a warm "woody atmosphere" to the home environment, so it is very popular among middle and high-end consumers. Its advantage is to reflect nature: natural texture, changeable form, and the beautiful pattern of wood can generally be seen on the surface of furniture. 4. Solid wood furniture has its own unique style and personality. The raw materials of solid wood furniture come from nature, which integrates the essence of nature, and truly shows the unique taste of solid wood furniture: high-grade, heavy, and combines the long-standing traditional Chinese culture with modern fashion elements into furniture. In the design of furniture, give new connotation to furniture, make furniture design more humanized, practical and modern, create a new trend of solid wood furniture, and lead a new trend of furniture What are the disadvantages of solid wood furniture The main disadvantage of solid wood furniture is that it is easily deformed and difficult to maintain. For example, it should not be exposed to direct sunlight, and it should not be too cold or overheated. Too dry and humid environments are not suitable for solid wood furniture; if you do not pay attention when using it, frequent switching on and off the air conditioner will cause the temperature and humidity to change too much. Even qualified solid wood furniture products sometimes Deformation and cracking will also occur. It can be said that no matter what kind of wood is used and how exquisite workmanship is, it is difficult to avoid these problems. Summary: The above is a good introduction to solid wood furniture by Katu, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

Teach you how to choose a sofa

When choosing a cloth sofa or a leather sofa, is there any entanglement? Those who like leather sofas say that leather sofas have high-quality texture, comfortable sitting, and easy to maintain surface hygiene. Cloth sofas are too difficult to maintain and clean, and some stains cannot be wiped off. Even if the sofa cover can be changed and washed, removing and washing a sofa cover is as difficult as fighting a war. Those who like fabric sofas say that fabric sofas are fashionable, have more colors, and can change the sofa cover, which is resistant to tossing. The leather sofa is sweaty and sticky in summer, cold in winter, easy to scratch, afraid of cat scratching, and difficult to take care of after a long time. I think it is normal for each to have advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing is to know what you want. In addition to the material, there are actually many points about choosing a sofa: 1. Is it comfortable to sit? (most important); 2. What color to choose? 3. Is the size, style and style suitable? 1. Sitting The question of whether it is comfortable to sit is only clear when you have sat there. Therefore, if you also care about the feeling of sitting, you can only go to the physical store to buy a sofa, or there are exactly the same sofas online and offline. Among the sofas I have personally sat on, the functional sofas should be more comfortable, but the general styles are relatively simple; the mahogany sofas should be of the uncomfortable type, relatively hard, and the shape is square and awkward. Of course, you can also use a lot of pillows. Alleviate this sitting problem. If you often stay in the living room, sitting comfort is very important, more important than the appearance of the sofa itself. If you have not experienced the sofa, it is recommended to choose online shopping carefully, just looking good is not enough. 2. Color Regarding the choice of sofa color, in fact, it has been mentioned before. The most commonly used colors that are not easy to make mistakes are: gray, black, white, brown, blue. The proportion of gray sofas in home cases is estimated to be higher than 50%. It can be said that it is a versatile choice, and it is almost impossible to go wrong. Gray is neutral, fickle, not aggressive. If you can't choose a color, you can choose gray. If you feel too dull, you can embellish it with bright-colored throw pillows, vases, lamps, etc. The proportion of blue fabric sofas is also relatively high, and it appears in American, modern, Nordic and other style works. Generally, it is blue with low saturation and a little gray. Compared with gray, the personality is more distinct, and the gray background can better reflect the charm of the main character. Brown is common in leather sofas, with light coffee and dark coffee, and sometimes orange. Different depths have different tastes. Due to the material, the leather sofa itself seems to have a certain sense of luxury. Although black is also a versatile type in color, it will make the ambient color appear dark, so it is actually less widely used in the home, and black sofas are used less. Although white can be considered a versatile color, white is a popular color choice for cabinet doors, wooden doors, etc., but it is an unpopular color in the choice of sofa color, probably mainly because of cleaning issues. 3. Size, style, style When my parents were renovating, the most popular was the 7-shaped sofa with the imperial concubine seat, because the imperial concubine seat can be walked, which is more comfortable than sitting. Now this style seems to be more and more rare, I don't know if it has anything to do with the rising house prices and the smaller and smaller apartment sizes. For small apartments, a smaller-sized two-seat or three-seat sofa may be more suitable, and the function of walking can be replaced by other chaise longues, tiger chairs, sofas + footstools, which are more flexible.
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